Big Wave Guitars creates custom hand made guitars using traditional and modern construction
methods to produce instruments that have both lasting beatuy and incomparable sound

construction methods that produce 
Big Wave Guitars is the
culmination of luthier Rob
Dmitrieff’s 30 years of
experience in the art of
creating wonderful
objects from wood.
Each guitar is carefully
constructed to achieve
certain goals of size, shape,
and sound, starting with
the selection of the
choice of materials.
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Starting his woodworking career as a craftsman in the historic ship building industry on the
Maine coast, today Rob combines his creative talents, fine ear for music, and superb
knowledge of everything wood with intricate attention to detail in order to produce guitars
that are, at once, fine works of art and incomparable sounding instruments; Guitars that
will ignite musical passions in both player and listener.
 “My guitars are
 constructed with a variety of  tonewoods that are hand
selected for their visual
beauty and contribution to
the ultimate “voice” of
the finished instrument"